Sunday School

Robbie Vinson

Director: Robbie Vinson

Below you can find some different small group offerings that you may like to attend.  (we are in the process of adding more, so keep checking back)

Small groups meet on Sunday Mornings starting at 9:30am


Small group for children in kindergarten, first grade or second grade.  This small group is led by Sherry Dupree, Janet Jennings and Susan Cochran.  Here children will learn about Jesus in a simple and easy to understand method.  These are the years when the children are learning to read and write, and we encourage them to patriciate. During the small group time the children are also offered a snack.  If you have children this age this would be a great place they could learn about Jesus Christ, the savior of the world. We love our children, and we consider it a blessing to be able to teach them.


Our 3rd through 5th grade small group consists of elementary age girls and boys and is taught by Missy Vinson and Teresa Pickens.  Our students learn about Jesus in a fun and engaging way.  Come! See for yourself how much fun you can have while learning about Jesus.


Small group for women over 50. This small group is led by Bobbie Baldwin. Discussion of the lesson by all who attend is encouraged. Come join us as we study the truths God would have us learn.


Small group consisting of senior adults aged 60 or over. This small group is led by David Cuthbertson and Pearl Crocker fills in for David when he is not able to attend. As a group, they have a great time each and every Sunday, in fellowship and studying God's word. If you are a senior adult and looking for a great small group to fellowship and study God's word, then come join us.


This Sunday School small group was started in its present form sometime around 2011 and is currently taught by Gib Arthur. It started as a couple's class of middle-aged adults.  It has never been just couples (anyone is welcome) age is not important as we all have gotten older.  The name Seekers comes from Mattew 6:33 "But seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you." We believe Sunday school is an important part of the church fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We try to fulfill the command to teach by loving, praying with, and by standing alongside each other.  We strive, as a class, to learn and teach God's word which we absolutely believe is true! We want other like-minded Christians to join us!

SALT "Sharing and Learning Together" SMALL GROUP

The SALT Sunday School small group is a mixture of all ages and is taught by Jeff and Emily Cannon.  The class consist of men, women, singles and couples-all are welcome! We call ourselves "SALT" because we "Share" and "Learn" together. 

We start each class sharing. We share prayer request and paise reports; and about mission activities the church is doing.  We share both triumphs and struggles about our families and friends.  We share our concerns about current events, our community, and the world we live in; and then we pray about those concerns and needs.  We lift one another up and pray for each other. We "Learn" about God's word and what His will is for our life and what He expects of us as Christians. We "Share" as we learn about what God has done and is doing in our lives and in the lives of those we know and love.

We use the "Masterwork" Bible Study series that offers daily short Bible studies that each member cans study during the week. We come together and share what God has revealed and taught each of us through the lesson. The SALT Sunday School Small Group is very relaxed, and we welcome you to come "Share and Learn" with us.  


The Fishers of Men Sunday small group is made up of all men ranging from 40 years of age up to 80 years of age.  If you don't fall into that age range, no worries, all ages are welcome. With only men present, the men are comfortable speaking about issues common to men.

We have good fellowship and a lot of discussion about the scripture the lesson is about that week. We welcome any man looking for a place to grow spiritually!